Derby Lite - Roller Skating for Fun and Fitness
Derby Lite - Roller Skating for Fun and Fitness
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Roll Out

Can I make money?


DERBY LITE Class Packages help you bring Roller Skating for Fun & Fitness to your hometown with pretty much everything you need to make it happen, including expert, personal advice from the pros at Derby Lite: Headquarters.

Derby Lite developed the first and only professionally-designed Learn-to-Skate, Fitness Skating, and Skills & Drills programs, enjoyed by thousands of women across the U.S. since 2007. And now we want to see even more folks successfully launching classes like ours. We want more people skating, sweating and smiling on roller skates, and we want the time, energy and passion we bring to this new market category to result in healthier bodies, minds and wallets.

Worldwide Women's Wellness is Everyone's Reward.

For the first time ever, competitive roller derby leagues worldwide now have a proven, professional, consistent, reliable, safe, effective and fun way to teach minimum skills to brand new members; and roller skating facilities can add classes to their schedules that bring in a new market: Women!

Click HERE to see all three Derby Lite Class Packages and DERBY LITE Fitness Skating Instructor Certification.

Who Can Start Fitness Skating Programs?

  • Individuals with roller derby skating experience who are excited to run their own small business
  • Facility owners with experienced skaters for instructors
  • Competitive leagues looking to monetize the process of training new recruits and expand their offerings and reach into the community (click HERE to see how we love "Friends with Benefits")
  • Folks who are:
    • Motivated, tireless self-starters
    • Outgoing
    • Athletic
    • Kind
    • Humble
    • Funny
    • Inspirational
    • Articulate
    • Organized
    • Skilled in social media marketing, or willing to learn
  • People who have:
    • Access to email and Google Drive
    • Time to devote to launching and nurturing a location – this is a small business!
    • A facility in which to hold classes
    • Basic writing and computer skills for promotional materials
    • Access to skates and protective gear for participants
  • Anybody who wants to:
    • Share their love of roller skating
    • Roller skate with friends and become healthier and happier and call it a job
    • Teach adults to skate in the roller derby style
    • Reach the American market of women exercisers – it’s huge!
    • Make a part-time income and write off your skates, gear, apparel and related travel
    • Help their league with training and recruiting

Choose from among our Class Packages for proven safe and effective Learn-To-Skate, Fitness Skating and Skills & Drills programs that you can start individually or add to what you already offer.

‘Start Out’ Learn-to-Skate Class Package includes Instructor Training for two individuals, class and program materials, and the curriculum for 12 progressive classes that bring 80% of folks from zero to minimum skills with just one 12-week session. Working with thousands of women since 2007, we have perfected the method for teaching people to safely skate in the roller derby style. This is the ideal program for roller derby leagues looking for a consistently effective way to teach their new recruits how to skate in a safe and fun way and for roller rinks to get more adults on skates. We consider this the prerequisite to other classes.

‘Roll Out’ Fitness Skating Class Package includes Instructor Training for two and all class and program materials, including the jewel in our crown, the 24-week Fitness Skating program designed by professional group exercise instructors, personal trainer with specific knowledge of roller skating and fitness, and women with a combined 50 years' experience in roller derby-style skating. Each class plan is designed to provide a full-body, balanced High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that incorporates strength and cardio into a non-stop one-hour on-skates class. Participants LOVE this one for its calorie burn (biofeedback devices have shown more than 1,000 calories an hour) as much as the no deliberate falling. Hooray for knees! This is the class that bridges the gap between roller derby and middle America – awesome folks from 18-75 who just want a fun way to get their exercise on!

‘Derby Lite’ Skills & Drills Class Package includes Instructor Training for two plus program and curriculum materials for a 12-week session that moves progressively through the basic skills of falling, stopping, maneuvering and stride as well as adding in more roller derby-esque drills. Multi-level modifications and a robust master drills list ensure every class all year long is both easy to plan and slightly different. Many women coming from or planning to go to competitive leagues like this class for its off-skates dynamic warm-ups, continuing skills lessons, partner and pack work, and fun games and relays, all of which are included in the package. There is never impact in ‘Derby Lite.’

DERBY LITE Instructor Certification is also available, above and beyond the Instructor Training included in each Class Package, for an additional fee. Individuals may take video of themselves performing the Skating Skills Assessment and conducting warm-ups with a group to show leadership skills and knowledge. DL:HQ will evaluate your videos, provide specific feedback, and when satisfied with competency, present a formal Certificate which allows the designation, DERBY LITE Certified Fitness Skating Instructor, CFSI, in program materials and personal signatures.

DERBY LITE Class Packages put everything we’ve learned since 2007 into turnkey options that makes it easy for folks with derby skills, a facility, a love of skating and an entrepreneurial spirit to make a nice part-time income from launching classes in their hometowns.

Click HERE to get started!

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